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Music Events at MCM 19

MCM 19 is not only a celebration of math, computation, and music as a research activity, but is also a celebration of music as itself and also as a social activity. Music is the experience of the emotions, the joy of social interaction, and the intimate contact with aesthetics. At MCM 19 we also find an attractive music program to enjoy. There will be three music events throughout the conference. Exact dates and will be announced later on. The concerts will be held at Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid, in one of its finest concert halls, the Manuel de Falla hall. Don't miss out on these great events!




Math’n Pop Concert

Moreno Andreatta, piano and voice
Gilles Baroin, visual representations

Composing chansons based on texts by poets has become a popular genre within the ↓eld of songwriting. Building on this tradition, Moreno Andreatta adds a mathematical dimension to this genre: using permutational tools and graph-theoretical methods, he creates an original universe where poetry and music meet in a new dialogue. Combining piano and voice, Moreno Andreatta introduces the audience to his original musical creations. The concert will be accompanied by visual representations of the underlying mathematical constructions, conceived and realized by ’mathemusician’ Gilles Baroin.

MA - Music of Change

Naoki Kita, violin
Guerino Mazzola, grand piano
Heinz Geisser, drums and percussions

The free jazz collaboration duo of drummer Heinz Geisser and pianist Guerino Mazzola has lasted twenty years now. In April 2017 they had a series of six highly acclaimed concerts in Tokyo and Yokohama, resulting in three CD productions including Ma, with the collaboration of Japanese violinist Naoki Kita.

Geisser and Mazzola strongly adhere to the idea that music should transform with virtuosity gestures and thoughts in the imaginary time of our consciousness into real sound structures that shape the body of time instead of following any external baton. Naoki Kita?s performances include a blend of original music and improvisation and the transformation of the duo in trio has created new avenues.

 Integral of Diabelli’s Piano and Guitar Sonatas and Manuel M. Ponce’s Sonata for Piano and Guitar

Emilio Lluis-Puebla, piano
Octavio Alberto Agustin Aquino, guitar

Mathematicians Emilio Lluis-Puebla and Octavio Alberto Agustin Aquino also have parallel careers as accomplished musicians. Together they have played and recorded the integral of Diabelli’s piano and guitar sonatas, which they will present together with Mexican composer Manuel M. Ponce’s sonata for piano and guitar