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The gala dinner

 The gala dinner for our conference will be thrown at AYNAELDA, a fine restaurant whose specialty is rice with meat or fish.The menu can be found below. It consists of few starters to share, which include Iberian pork products, a fancy salad, and Spanish croquettes. The main courses are composed of a choice between two types of rice (one with fish and shrimp; another with rabbit and snails),  a choice of meat (beef cheeks), and a choice of fish (hake medallions). In the menu there are options for vegetarian and vegan guests.

The organization of the gala dinner is as follows.

  • Buses will depart from the usual meeting point at Hotel Mediodía (coordinates: C854+9P Madrid), and take the participants to the restaurante AYNAELDA (Calle los Yébenes, 38, 28047 Madrid).
  • Departure time from the meeting point: 8:15 pm.
  • Buses will take the participants from the restaurant back to the meeting point at 11:00 pm.
  • The dinner cover is 36 euros.
  • Please, pay in cash to the local organizers (Paco or the volunteers) during the conference (preferably when registering and receiving your conference bag).
  • To participate in the dinner, please, send an e-mail to fmartin(at)etsisi(at)upm(at)es before 8:00 pm, June 18th. We have to confirm the number of seats by that date. After that date, there will be limited flexibility to include new guests.
  • If you are vegetarian or vegan, please, let us know so that we can arrange your choice of food with the restaurant.

 If you want to know more about this restaurant, please, check the website out. Click on https://www.aynaelda.com/ (web only in Spanish).



Gala Dinner


 Starters to share

 Assorted Iberian pork products and cheese

Green sprout salad with caramelized turkey and sugar-coated pine nuts
dressed with mustard vinaigrette
(vegan option for this salad is available for vegan guests)

Assorted Iberian ham and chicken croquettes
(vegetarian croquettes made with soya milk for vegan guests)


Main course (to choose one from the list)

 Alicante style rice  
(rice with swordfish, cuttlefish, and prawn)

Socarrat rice
(Mildly singed rice with rabbit and snails)

Vegetarian rice
(rice with seasonal vegetables and mushroom)

Beef cheeks stewed in red wine
with potato Parmentier, cauliflower, and peach sauce

Battered hake medallions prepared
with white wine sauce, seasonal mushrooms, and sauté shrimp



 Assorted cakes
Coffee, tea, or infusions


Spanish white and red wines, sparkling wine, beer, soft drinks, or mineral water